Meet Me at Sophie's - Sophies Gasthaus

Meet Me at Sophie’s

January 5, 2023

Sophie Says | Meetings & Special Events at Sophie’s downtown New Braunfels

Every big city gladly offers plenty of places for your corporate meeting or retreat, family reunion, wedding, or any other special event. Even New Braunfels has its share of event venues.

You can meet in a random room in a huge, city-owned event center. You can have your reunion at a nondescript hotel on a highway. You can get married in a place that looks just like the places all your friends got married. If you do, get ready to apologize for the traffic to your event. Have lots of maps and driving directions available for things to do in the evenings on the other side of town. And be ready for attendees to say your event was “nice.”

I invite you to host your group at Sophie’s Gasthaus – the opposite of what I described above.

First, Sophie’s Gasthaus is anything but a huge, city-owned event space. In fact, the property didn’t start its life as a hotel. It was constructed in 1906 as the home of a prominent New Braunfelser. As such, the home included plenty of space in the main house, large yards, and well-appointed guest quarters. Over the years, the home transitioned from a residence to offices to a bed and breakfast. Finally, the property was purchased by a visionary who remodeled it into a one-of-a-kind hotel masterpiece perfect for hosting a wedding or other event to remember. You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Sophies Gasthaus unique Wedding Venue Downtown New Braunfels

Next, Sophie’s Gasthaus is about as far from a highway hotel as you can get. Sophie’s features private guest suites, beautiful common living spaces, an expansive pool and backyard, porches everywhere, and luxurious design and decór unmatched in the Hill Country. If you want to leave Sophie’s for a night on the town for some strange reason, there’s no need to get out your phone and wait for a rideshare. Walk out the front door, take a right on the sidewalk, and in less than a minute, you’ll be in the middle of downtown New Braunfels – home of dining, shopping, live music, and fun. Check it out: Downtown New Braunfels.

Sophies Gasthaus unique Wedding Venue Downtown New Braunfels

Last, if you’re going to have an event, have it somewhere better! Limestone, live oak trees, and barn wood are nice, for sure, but not memorable or different as a wedding venue. Getting married in the manicured backyard of Sophie’s Gasthaus, under magnolia trees, in downtown New Braunfels will be a truly unique venue for your special day. Spending a day in meetings in Sophie’s or the adjacent Carriage House and then relaxing in the pool to some live music might be a tad better than a rented board room and hotel pool full of children.

We’re ready to help you plan your wedding or event and ensure it’s perfect. Get started now.